Water School


You may not realize that your life revolves around water! We use it daily for cooking, bathing, cleaning, and flushing. But, did you know that you can’t live without water?

Though you may feel like flesh and bone, your body is made up of more than 60 percent of water. As a result, you can survive for weeks without food; but literally only days without water.

Fresh drinking water is a limited resource. As our populations continue to grow, will we have enough for everyone? Becoming aware of how you use water each day is the first step in ensuring our future. Education is the second step.

Water School is an internet Web site designed specifically to answer your questions about water and many issues and concerns associated with the future of this limited natural resource. 

Water School is also a dynamic resource continuously updated with information on Texas water issues and those specific to the Brazos River basin.

Designed as a blog site, you are welcome to post your comments, additions or questions on many of the topics. You may also email the topics to others interested in these issues or subscribe to topics so that you are notified when additions or comments or are made.

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The information provided on this site is intended as background on water within the Brazos River basin. There should be no expectation that this information is all encompassing, complete or in any way examines every aspect of this very complex natural resource.

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