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Are you allowed to hunt on the Brazos River and its tributaries?

Since the river is a public stream, it belongs to all Texans and people are free to enjoy a variety of activities within its banks, including hunting. However, people should be mindful of state laws related hunting in these areas.

Hunters should also be careful where they walk in the riverbed to avoid violating Texas trespassing laws by straying onto private property. Under state law, the river bed is public property up to the “gradient boundary.” Though the definition of the boundary can be confusing, it roughly means the point where more woody plants begin to grow. Also, while hunting is allowed in riverbeds, state law prohibits people from firing a weapon onto or across private property without the owner’s approval.

And, motor vehicles, including wheeled and tracked vehicles are prohibited in navigable Texas riverbeds, including the Brazos.  For further information about hunting in Texas, and state regulations, go to the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife Web site.




The information provided on this site is intended as background on water within the Brazos River basin. There should be no expectation that this information is all encompassing, complete or in any way examines every aspect of this very complex natural resource.

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