Water School

Besides drinking, how is water used?

There are many other uses for water besides that used for drinking. Water is used for agricultural, industrial, environmental, and other municipal purposes. 

Municipal use includes supplies to homes and businesses (including schools and prisons) as well as industrial or commercial purposes. Numerous municipal needs range from sanitation and sewage systems to food preparation and landscape watering.

Water is used in industry for many the manufacturing processes that require rinsing or cooling.  Another use is the gathering of raw materials such as mining and drilling for oil and gas. Water is also an important element in the power industry, playing a vital role in generating electricity by cooling thermoelectric powerplants.

Water is also used for agriculture both in the care of livestock and in the irrigation of crops. It is also essential in maintaining the health of Texas streams and other bodies of water and the plants and wildlife in and around them.




The information provided on this site is intended as background on water within the Brazos River basin. There should be no expectation that this information is all encompassing, complete or in any way examines every aspect of this very complex natural resource.

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