Avoid Using Closed Boat Ramps & Dry Lakebed

During this time of extended drought when water levels are down at most reservoirs, the Brazos River Authority wishes to remind people to not drive in the lake bed or use closed boat ramps.

There have been several incidents recently where people have driven cars or trucks onto the seemingly dry lake bed and have become stuck. Though the lake bed may appear dry in some places, just beneath the surface is a thick layer of silt or mud. When heavy equipment or vehicles drive on these areas, they may break through the top dry layer and become stuck in the silt layer below. By becoming stuck, a driver will most likely require professional services for towing their vehicle out and must personally incur the cost. Just as important, driving there can be harmful to the health of the lake-bed and the lake itself when it refills.

Ignoring posted signs and moving barricades to launch boats from closed ramps is also not allowed. The ramps are closed because it is no longer safe to launch boats at those locations. By doing so you might damage your watercraft or get it stuck on a sandbar. As of the early May, Possum Kingdom, Granbury and Limestone lakes each have at least one open boat ramp. By observing these closures and only using open ramps, you can help protect these lakes, your boat or motor vehicle and probably avoid spending money on unnecessary towing fees or repair costs.