Brazos River Authority’s Strategic Plan open for public comment

Brazos River Authority’s Strategic Plan open for public comment

The Brazos River Authority’s Strategic Plan is reviewed and updated annually.

The proposed FY2024 plan reflects new programs and projects, as well as refinements to previously adopted plans. The plan will be presented to the BRA Board for adoption in the July 31, 2023, Board meeting.

The state’s emphasis on regional and statewide water planning and BRA’s participation in that process helps to anticipate new projects and accommodate them.

The BRA is pursuing new strategies and projects to address the projected needs of the Brazos River basin far into the future. At the same time, the BRA strives to maintain aging infrastructure associated with the existing water supply system. Due to the extensive lead time and preparation required to produce more water, the BRA must continue to move proactively to pursue our mission into the future. This requires a vast amount of in-depth knowledge, analysis, and planning of all projects to meet critical timelines and balance financial responsibilities. This long-term strategic plan allows BRA stakeholders the ability to review the goals of the organization as it strives to fulfill its mission.

To view the proposed FY 2024 Strategic Plan, click here.

If you would like to submit a question or comment on the proposed plan, please email to information@brazos.org.