Proper campfire safety is key in wildfire prevention

Proper campfire safety is key in wildfire prevention


Summer often leads to recreation and camping trips. Building the campfire and igniting it for s’mores or ghost stories is the fun part.  But for some, putting out the fire is easier said than done. According to the U.S Department of Interior, close to 90 percent of wildfires in the United States are caused by humans while the other 10 percent is often due to lightning. Campfires left unattended are a major factor in sparking a wildfire that can easily be prevented. Here’s how:

• Check to see if the site allows campfires and there are no burn bans.

• If a fire ring is not present, use rocks to enclose the fire to prevent it from spreading.

• Have a bucket of water nearby should the fire escalate.

• To extinguish, dump water on your campfire and stir thoroughly with a shovel

• Douse the fire with sand or dirt if water is not available.

• Spread out coals since they can still maintain heat.

• Do not leave the campsite if it is too hot to touch.

Using controlled locations for campfires ensures burning is in a contained area. The Brazos River Authority offers fire rings at many camping locations. For more information on campfire safety tips, please click here.