Drought Survival Kit Now Available Online

Drought Survival Kit Now Available Online

As this stubborn drought enters its fourth year, many Texans are no-doubt wondering what they can do to ease the problems caused by this extended period with little to no rain.

There are countless resources online and elsewhere if one wants to learn how to salvage a water-starved yard or is interested in conserving water to help stretch supplies and reduce utility bills. But now, a state agency has created a one-stop online location to help simplify the search for drought information.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department has created a new section on its website called the Drought Survival Kit. The site is divided into drought-related subject areas.

One part people are certain to find useful includes numerous tips for reducing water use both within and outside the home. Another extensive section of the website deals with yard and landscape care during drought. This includes ideas for choosing plants best suited for Texas’ frequently arid conditions, effective watering techniques and recommendations about reducing the risk of wildfires, among other topics.

And in a nod to the agency’s specific mission, there is also a bounty of information on how to help wildlife make it through the current severe weather conditions. One can read up on how to use plants that butterflies and migratory birds will find helpful during their travels. There is also information about issues surrounding fish, mammals, reptiles and more during drought.

The site’s designers included instructional videos as well as links to related articles and other helpful websites. To check out the Drought Survival Kit, please click this link. The Brazos River Authority also maintains a section of its website on current drought conditions in the river basin and projections, at this link.