Commercial On-Water Facility Application

The organization listed below has applied for a new or modified Commercial On-Water Facility (e.g., dock, marina, etc.) permit at Possum Kingdom Lake. The Regulations of the Brazos River Authority Lakes and Associated Lands require a public participation process, including a preliminary public notice, a comment period, and a public hearing before the BRA will issue a new Commercial On-Water Facility permit or approve a modification to an existing permit.

The organization listed below has provided an initial application that has been accepted as administratively correct. Acceptance of an application during the administrative review phase only indicates that the application contains all necessary information for consideration. Such acceptance is unrelated to the outcomes of subsequent phases of the application process.

A public hearing has been scheduled with the date/time noted with the application below and a comment period timeframe. If you would like to comment on a Commercial On-Water Facility Application, you may do so below.

Once the initial public notice portion of the application is completed, the BRA will conduct a technical review to determine whether to approve or deny the application. After BRA’s determination, there will be a final public notice and written comment period followed by an appeals process.

For additional information on the permit application and the application process, please contact the Possum Kingdom Lake office at 940-779-2321 or see the BRA Regulations at the link above.

Received Applications

No applications currently pending.
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