Clean Texas Marina Program

The Clean Texas Marina Program promotes the adoption of practices by marinas that promote water quality protection in Texas. The program is administered by the Texas Sea Grant Program. The Brazos River Authority actively supports and promotes the Clean Marinas Program at Lake Possum Kingdom and Lake Granbury. The guiding principles of the program are to:

  • Improve the environmental quality of Texas waterways;
  • Encourage voluntary participation;
  • Support the regulatory process;
  • Create a strong environmental ethic; and
  • Promote individual responsibility through public education

For more information, visit the official Clean Texas Marina Program website at www.cleanmarinas.org.

Confirmed Marinas

Possum Kingdom Lake

Possum Kingdom State Park Store and Marina
P.O. Box 66 3911 Park Rd. 33
Caddo, TX 76429
P: (940) 549-5612
Villa Marina
3301 La Villa Rd.
Graford, TX 76449
P: (940) 779-2331
Lakeshore Marina and RV Park
5501 Lakeshore Drive
Graham, TX 76450
P: (940) 549-2518
The Cliffs Marina
160 Cliffs Drive
Graford, TX 76449
P: (940) 779-4530
The Breakers on PK Lake
5001 Camp David Rd.
Graham, TX 76450

Lake Granbury

Pecan Plantation Marina
4600 Esplanade Ct.
Granbury, TX 76048
P: (817) 573-3201
DeCordova Bend Marina
4320 Dcbe Marina Ct.
Granbury, TX 76049
P: (817) 326-2175

Pledged Marinas

Possum Kingdom Lake

Willow Beach Marina
1239 Willow Beach Rd.
Graford, TX 76449
P: (940) 779-3004
Hill Country Harbor
1693 Park Rd. 36
Graford, TX 76449
P: (940) 779-3229

Clean Boating Tips

  1. Contain Trash
    • Stow all loose items, plastic bags, drink cans and other loose articles so they don’t blow overboard
    • Carry a trash bag and never dispose your garbage overboard
  2. Prevent Accidental Spills
    • Discharge of oily bilge water
    • Gasoline
    • Solvents and cleaners
  3. Recycle
    • Recycle glass, cans, plastic, paper products, antifreeze, oil and lead batteries
  4. Fuel Cautiously
    • Listen to your boat, it gurgles before your tank is full
    • Never leave boat unattended during fueling
    • Exercise caution when re-fueling with portable fuel tanks
    • If you overfill your fuel tank, wipe clean with an oil absorbent rag. Give the soiled rags to your marina operator for proper disposal.
    • Do not use a hose to rinse excess gasoline into the water
    • If a spill occurs, do not apply detergents or soaps. This only spreads the problem and is a violation of Federal law
    • If a spill occurs, promptly notify marina staff. Certified marinas have spill containment and cleanup kits on-site
  5. Clean Carefully
    • Clean boat on-shore
    • Use fresh water to clean your boat after every use; use detergents sparingly
    • Use phosphate-free, biodegradable and non-toxic cleaners
    • Wax your boats - a good coat of wax prevents surface dirt from becoming ingrained
  6. Maintain Your Vessel Wisely
    • Bring used solvents and waste gas to local hazardous waste collection stations
    • Clean and maintain engine to eliminate leaks
    • Use less toxic propylene glycol antifreeze
    • Share leftover paint and varnish
  7. Sewage
    • Discharge of raw sewage into waters of the State is prohibited
    • Pump-out sewage at designated lake facilities
    • Dispose of pet wastes properly
  8. Dispose of Fish Waste Properly
    • Never dispose of fish waste in marina waters
    • Discard wastes over deep water or in an approved garbage receptacle
  9. Protect Sensitive Habitat
    • Proceed slowly in shallow areas
    • Observe and obey warning signs
    • Dispose of monofilament line, hooks and other litter at approved garbage receptacles