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What is water conservation?

Water conservation is the careful management and use of water to assure it provides the best long-term benefit to the public. 


Conservation is preservation of water from loss, damage or neglect. It includes processes that help provide long-term access to clean water by preventing unnecessary water usage and waste.

Conservation can include preserving, controlling and developing water resources, both surface water and groundwater, and preventing water pollution. 
Water conservation is practiced by people, companies, and governments to try and cut their water usage. Examples of water conservation include installing water-efficient appliances, taking shorter showers, turning off faucets in between uses, and watering lawns and gardens when the sun is not at a peak point. 

There are many other ways to conserve water and make a positive impact in your community. However, a great way to conserve water is just by being aware of how much water you use from day-to-day. 

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