Online payments for lakeside residential water customers

Online payments for lakeside residential water customers

If you live on a Brazos River Authority reservoir and hold a permit to divert water for irrigation and other non-potable uses, you should have received an annual $51 invoice for calendar years 2020 offering the option to pay these invoices via a FREE online credit/debit card payment.

Though many customers have used this free, online service since 2012, some customers have chosen to use other payment services not affiliated with the BRA, such as those associated with their banks or other full-service bill-pay options.  

The BRA is aware that many of these services are legitimate; however, some are not.  The BRA will never charge a fee for using the online payment service available through www.brazos.org.  Additionally, using an outside service does not guarantee that your payment will reach us by due date.  

If you have not yet paid your Lakeside Residential Water Annual Fee and would like to make a payment online, please go to www.brazos.org and click on the Doing Business button at the top of the page.  Choose “Make an Online Payment” and you will be taken to a secure, free payment site.  For questions, call 888-922-6272.