Meet Our Customers


The city of Temple has contracted with the Brazos River Authority for its municipal water supply since 1962. Located in the heart of Bell County in Central Texas, Temple is one of 62 municipal customers that contract for water with the BRA and make it available to residents and businesses in their area.

Temple has seen marked growth in its population in the last decade and the city meets the water needs of 70,000 plus city residents. In addition, the city contracts with other communities for water, including Troy, Little River–Academy, Morgan’s Point Resort and Arrowhead Hill.

The city’s water quality continues to maintain a “superior” rating, meeting or exceeding all state and federal standards for public drinking water systems.

Temple contracts with the BRA for 30,453 acre-feet of water per year, drawing their supply from the Leon River, downstream from Lake Belton. In addition, the BRA has provided wastewater treatment services for the city of Temple since 1975, managing the regional wastewater plant that also provides treatment services for the city of Belton.

For more information about the city of Temple and its water department, please visit its website, here.