Water supply will continue to be one of the dominant issues facing Texas growing population in the years and decades ahead. Until recently, if someone wanted to get a complete picture of the reservoir water supply status in river basins across the state, they would have to refer to several sources. But now, the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB) has rolled out a new website to bring all such information together in one place.

Called Water Data for Texas, the site provides comprehensive information about all Texas reservoirs. The resource, which went live in November, brings together extensive records from federal, state and local partners to give anyone interested the ability to look at water supply on a scale ranging from individual reservoirs to river systems to the entire state.

The Brazos River Authority has long provided regularly updated information on lake and river levels, gate releases and other related data at our website, here. However, the TWDB site allows one to compare such data to other river systems without having to go from site to site.

A person using Water Data for Texas can search for reservoir water supply information compiled statewide, by regional water planning area, river basin or municipal area. Each section includes a chart showing recent supplies, three-year statistics and historical data. One can learn water supply levels at that moment, a day, week, month, year ago or longer. The sections also include current data on each reservoir included in that area, with a link to explore that reservoir’s supply data and history.

The site’s organizers have big plans for the future. They say they intend to add data sets for rivers, bays and estuaries and groundwater. A section with drought information is also in the planning stages. Whether you are researching water supply levels across the state for a project or you just want a quick glimpse of the situation at your favorite lake, check out Water Data for Texas. To learn more please click here.