Recreation on the Brazos

Where can I launch my canoe along the Brazos River?

Although the Brazos River Authority (BRA) does not own or maintain canoe/kayak launch points on the Brazos, there are many put-in and take-out locations available along the river.

The most popular paddling locations are the stretches of river below Possum Kingdom Lake and Lake Granbury. You can find points below the dam at Possum Kingdom Lake by clicking here. For the area below Lake Granbury you can find a map of distances and access points here. Information including access points and hazards along sections throughout the basin can be found through the helpful resource of Southwest Paddler by clicking here.

Can I camp along the river?

The bed and banks of the Brazos River are state-owned; therefore, camping, fishing and picnicking are allowed when confined to the bed and banks of the river.

When camping or picnicking along the river, it is important to stay alert for possible rapid increases in river levels and speed due to rainstorms or water being released from the upstream dam.

Be sure to respect the adjoining private property along the river by not trespassing and by cleaning up and packing away any trash that you create.

Is hunting permitted on the river?

Since the bed and banks of the Brazos River are state-owned, hunting is permitted on some portions of the river. In all cases, state laws regarding appropriate seasons apply and may be prohibited by local ordinance or by statute.

It is best to check with the local game warden to find out if it is lawful to hunt in the area you’re interested in. You can find your local game warden by clicking here.

Can I have an open container containing an alcoholic beverage while on the river?

It is not illegal to consume alcohol when camping or boating on a river or lake in Texas. However, it is illegal to drive a motorized boat while intoxicated and to be publically intoxicated.

Remember that Texas game wardens, county sheriffs and their deputies, and local police can ticket or arrest you for boating while intoxicated or being drunk and disorderly.

Whom should I contact if I run into trouble on my trip?

If you experience any emergency, call 911. To report a violation, such as unsafe boating, illegal dumping, and swimming or boating accidents, contact the local game warden or law enforcement agency. To report dead or dying fish and wildlife or pollution threatening fish and wildlife, immediately contact your local game warden or member of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Kills and Spills Team.

Can a landowner construct a fence that blocks the river?

Section 90.008 of the Parks and Wildlife Code states that “except as otherwise allowed by law, a person may not restrict, obstruct, interfere with, or limit public recreational use of a protected freshwater area.” If you happen upon a man-made obstacle in the river bed, please contact the local game warden

For additional questions regarding recreation on Texas’ rivers, please contact the BRA at 888-922-6272.