Possum Kingdom Lake
Frequently Asked Questions
Lakeside Living

The fastest way to reach the BRA in an emergency is to call 911. The dispatcher will notify the BRA lake rangers of your concerns and location and will also be able to dispatch emergency medical services and/or the sheriff’s department if necessary.

Violations such as illegal dumping, unsafe boating, boating/swimming accidents or other illegal activity should be reported to the BRA immediately.

During normal working hours (Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., excluding holidays), call the BRA at (940) 779-2321.

After normal working hours call the Palo Pinto County Sheriff’s Office at 940-659-2085. The sheriff's office dispatcher has radio contact with BRA lake rangers and can refer your call to them.

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs), utility terrain vehicles (UTVs), dirt bikes, or golf carts are not allowed on most BRA property including the lake bed, river bed, public use areas, or PK trails. Some commercial camps allow UTVs and golf carts on the roads within their camp. For more information on particular commercial camp rules, contact the camp operator directly.

Water Quality

The water in the main body of the lake meets standards for contact recreation. However, no surface water is entirely safe for all people, as all surface water contains bacteria that can be hazardous depending on exposure level and the health of the individual. For additional information on waterborne illnesses, click here.


Permits are required for the installation, repair and replacement of docks, retaining walls and walkways, lake-side water pumps and septic systems. Permit forms are available by clicking here or you may contact the Lake Office at (940) 779-2321 to receive an application by email or the postal service.

All On-water Facility (Piers & Docks) and Water Use permits must be transferred to the new property owner by the Brazos River Authority by phone, mail, or email. A transfer fee may or may not be required at the time of your request. Preparation of the transfer documents, related inspections of the property and improvements and fees due will be reviewed by the BRA before the transfer is completed. For additional information, contact the Possum Kingdom Lake office at 940-779-2321.

In most cases, lake water permits are available for domestic use (watering lawns). However some areas such as The Ranch, portions of Sportsman’s World and The Cliffs subdivisions cannot be authorized for water or on-water facility permits due to contractual agreements and deed covenants. Residents seeking water permits in those areas should check with the Inspections Division at our PK Lake Office to determine if they are eligible for a water permit. Permit forms are available by clicking here or you may contact the lake office at (940) 779-2321 to receive an application by email or the postal service.

  • Size of new docks is limited to 2,000 square feet
  • Storage closets may be no larger than 40 square feet
  • Three sides can be enclosed
  • A roof with a deck on top is allowed; however, no roof is allowed on an upper deck - awning is allowed on upper deck
  • A replacement dock must follow all new regulations, but may remain the size of the previous dock - grandfathered if above 2000 square feet

All flotation must be encapsulated in an approved rustproof, non-corrosive, UV resistant shell that is at least .15 inches thick. It must provide at least 4 inches of flotation out of the water when the dock is under a dead load or a minimum of 1 inch of flotation out of the water when the dock is under full live load (20 pounds per square foot).

Septic Systems

The BRA follows Texas Commission on Environmental Quality rules and guidelines in establishing septic system regulations. These regulations help protect the water quality in Possum Kingdom Lake. When the BRA began licensing septic systems in 1977 as the local agent of the TCEQ, systems in place were registered or “grandfathered” and allowed to remain in place. As long as a system functions properly and no additional living area is added, an older, registered system is allowed to remain. When a registered system fails, or must accommodate additional living area, a new “licensed” system is required. If a licensed system is already in place when additional living area is desired, regulations are reviewed to determine current requirements. Current regulations may dictate that additional tank capacity and/or drain field capacity is required to accommodate the additional living area, requiring alteration of the septic system. Further information regarding septic systems can be found at the TCEQ website here or at the lake office.

Water Sales

The State of Texas owns all surface water in the state Texas and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality is the agency responsible for regulating (permitting) the use of this surface water. The TCEQ issues the water rights for reservoirs in Texas.

The water rights issued to the Brazos River Authority grant the ability to store and use water for beneficial purposes, including the sale of water for municipal, industrial and agricultural uses. BRA owns the water right for Possum Kingdom Lake (and 10 other lakes) and provides water to our customers by contract under the terms of that water right. To view the permit granting the BRA water rights at Possum Kingdom Lake, click here.

Lake Levels

The elevation of Possum Kingdom Lake at capacity is 999 feet above mean sea level. The current lake elevation may be obtained by clicking here or on the BRA home page here.

The BRA is permitted by the state to annually withdraw up to 230,750 acre feet for water sales from Possum Kingdom Lake. Though this may seem like a lot of water, during years with normal rainfall, streamflow and runoff keep the lake relatively full.

As a water supply reservoir, PK is part of a system of reservoirs operated by the Brazos River Authority. Releases are made to supply water downstream and to make a small daily release to provide a viable habitat for the environment of the Brazos River below Possum Kingdom Lake. The BRA may also make releases from PK as part of a water management balancing plan to help maintain drawdown levels with Lake Granbury as part of the PK-Granbury-Whitney Water Management Plan.