Fall 2019 Newsletter

Major dam rehab projects on horizon

To ensure the safety of BRA dams, the Board of Directors approved funding for major improvement projects at each of its three reservoirs, including the complete replacement of spillway gates at Lake Limestone. Learn more here.

Dam Closeup

An up-close view of our dams

How do the gates at Possum Kingdom Lake work? How long does it take to open and close a gate at a dam? How do you determine how much water to release? These questions and more are answered in a series of new videos produced by the Brazos River Authority to address the most common questions posed by the public. View them here.

David Bloodworth

A quarter-century of maintaining the Brazos basin's oldest dam

Possum Kingdom Lakes’ project supervisor was hired to head a unique full-time crew dedicated specifically to maintaining the Morris Sheppard Dam. Four buildings, 17 employees, and 27 years later, David Bloodworth and his RSMU team are still the backbone of the nearly century-old dam. Learn more here.

Getting To Know You

Board Members

Three Brazos River Authority Board Members take a few moments to share favorite quotes, and thoughts on the importance of water and the Brazos basin. For more, go here.

Riparian Vegetation

Is the view more important than the health of the river?

Most of the land bordering the Brazos River is privately owned, with farms, ranches, and homes enjoying the beauty of riverfront property. But clearing natural foliage to enjoy the view can do long-term damage to both the property itself and the river system as a whole. Small changes could help restore these riparian zones, reducing erosion, minimizing flooding, and improving conditions for wildlife. Learn more here.

Fall Planting

A new time to plant

Conditions in many areas of Texas are ripe for fall planting. Homeowners can take advantage of the cooler temperatures to plant new trees, shrubs and flowers or transform the summer garden into a fall haven while conserving water. Learn more here.

Fall Outlook

It's been a very dry summer.
Is there relief in sight?

Though we had a very wet spring, the Brazos River basin endured a parched summer that continued well into October. Should we expect the same conditions for the remainder of fall? Go here to learn what to expect as we head toward the holidays.

Central Office

October 2019 Board of Directors quarterly meeting

The Brazos River Authority Board of Directors will meet Monday, October 28. For more details, go here.

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