April Board of Directors Quarterly Board Meeting Cancelled

Central Office

The Brazos River Authority Board of Directors' quarterly meeting scheduled for April 27, 2020, has been cancelled.

“The challenges of hosting a public meeting that could accommodate a group the size of our Board of Directors, the required staff and the public are large,” said BRA GM/CEO David Collinsworth. “In coordination with our Presiding Officer, Cynthia Flores, we’ve chosen to cancel this quarter’s Board meeting. The delay will not negatively impact BRA business nor our ability to operate facilities.”

Mr. Collinsworth noted that, in the meantime, BRA staff is actively working on options to host the next regularly scheduled quarterly Board meeting on July 27 should shelter-in-place orders remain in place. The BRA Board typically considers adoption of the next fiscal year annual operations budget at their July meeting.

For more about the Brazos River Authority Board of Directors, go here. For questions about the BRA Board or quarterly meetings, call 888-922-6272 or email at information@brazos.org.