Social Media – Terms of Use

The Brazos River Authority’s social media pages are housed on third party sites that have terms of service and policies that are not governed by the Brazos River Authority or the State of Texas. These third-party sites are not the official Brazos River Authority website and the third party’s website terms of service and policies apply.

By visiting any social media account operated by the Brazos River Authority, users agree to abide by the terms set forth below and must abide by applicable state and federal laws, including copyright and defamation laws, as well as the terms of service, terms of use, privacy policies and other requirements of any communications platforms used.

Users participate at their own risk and are responsible for their comments, photos and any other information provided on the Brazos River Authority’s social media sites, including ensuring permission has been granted for submitted content. Posts and comments are public, may be viewed by all users, and may be subject to disclosure under the Texas Public Information Act.

All published Brazos River Authority social media content is subject to monitoring. The Brazos River Authority welcomes your questions and thoughts on discussion topics, and comments are expected to be civil and courteous.

We will use discretion to remove comments that include:

  • Obscene, indecent, or profane language or material.
  • Insults, personal attacks, or defamatory statements about a person.
  • Content that implies, promotes, encourages, or incites violence or illegal activities.
  • Content that is racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or otherwise discriminatory based on a protected class under Title VI of the Civil Rights Act.
  • Advertisements or promotions for commercial product or service, entity, or individual.
  • Content that is used without permission or in violation of federal or state copyright or trademark laws.
  • Personal identification information.
  • Information that reasonably could compromise public safety.
  • Comments that promote or contain disparaging language about political campaigns, candidates, or officeholders.
  • Any other content deemed inappropriate at the sole discretion of the Brazos River Authority.

The Brazos River Authority is not liable for content posted by any public user in any forum, message board, or other social media resources. The views expressed in comments reflect those of the author and do not reflect the official views of the Brazos River Authority or the State of Texas.

Users who violate these terms of use may be blocked from the Brazos River Authority’s social media accounts.

Brazos River Authority social media sites, including posts and comments made by the Brazos River Authority and users, are considered public information, which is subject to the provisions of the Texas Public Information Act.

Please be aware that some photos used on this page are subject to copyright laws. If you would like to use or save an image, please contact us prior to download at information@brazos.org to determine if the photo is copyrighted.