BRA Management Hosts First Public Virtual Meeting

BRA Management Hosts First Public Virtual Meeting

On April 8, 2021, members of the Brazos River Authority's Management Team gathered virtually to host the organization's inaugural Brown Bag on the Brazos public meeting. 

The event is the first of its kind for the BRA — created to share insights on recent BRA projects and answer some of the public's questions; the virtual meeting was held through Microsoft Teams Broadcast.


"The goal of this meeting is simply for us to create a reoccurring opportunity to keep you informed," said David Collinsworth, the General Manager/CEO of the BRA. "Whether you are our customers, citizens of Texas or anybody that is interested about water." 

The virtual meeting took place the week following the BRA Board of Directors meeting.  Collinsworth introduced the Brown Bag, presented the agenda and discussed the recent Board meeting topics and actions.  

Each Brown Bag on the Brazos will discuss topics from the previous Board meeting and provide project and water supply updates to keep the public informed on their status. This event included discussions of the BRAs Strategic Plan, updates on the Possum Kingdom Lake Spillway Pump and Piping Project and the Risk-Based Capital Planning and Management Support Project, followed by a water supply update.   

The Brown Bag concluded with questions from the public that included the meeting's first technical glitch.  A question posed by an anonymous participant was overlooked in the queue.  

 "I’m truly sorry to have missed this question,” Collinsworth said. “It’s a good one, and I appreciate that someone thought to ask.”  

The question was: “Are there any considerations being discussed to make any of the lakes on the Brazos a Constant level lake?” 

 “The answer is that constant levels lakes are simply not possible to maintain in the realm of water supply reservoirs,” Collinsworth said. 

He added that all rivers, lakes, and streams used for water supply would fluctuate with use, but they will also refill at some point.

“Water supply lakes are reservoirs or storage facilities for the water we all need to survive and function each day.  They can’t be kept constant and still provide the water we need.  While we’d like to keep the lakes as full as possible, water levels are going to also vary because of evaporation rates and the amount of rainfall and runoff in the basin.”

“We have a great video that will help explain lake level fluctuations on our website. I hope you’ll take a moment to take a look.”  

To view the video, click here or click the video box on the right. 

With the exception of the constant level question, each question posed by members of the public was addressed.  In the future, if there are too many questions posed during the Brown Bag hour, they will be addressed on the BRAs Brown Bag page of the website.  Additionally, those that didn’t pose questions during the meeting may direct their inquiries or concerns to the BRA through email at information@brazos.org for a written answer. 

The questions that were answered and a recording of the full Brown Bag on the Brazos can be viewed here.  

Since the BRA Board recently voted to increase the number of meetings and will now meet every other month, the Board’s 2021 meeting dates include: May 24, July 26, Sept. 27, and Nov. 15. Therefore, the upcoming Brown Bag on the Brazos dates are tentatively scheduled for June 3, Aug. 5, Oct. 7 and Dec. 2.

You can watch a recording of the most recent Board meeting at the BRA Board meeting minutes page here.

The complete strategic plan may be found here.