Winter 2021 Newsletter

Knowing Drought

Recent rains alleviated some drought concerns, but for the past few months, little, and in some areas, no rain has coated Texas and drought levels have steadily increased. While we can't control the weather, the Brazos River Authority can manage the water supply in anticipation of dry times and Texans can help year-round.

"Just like every flood is different from every other flood, every drought is different from every other drought," said Aaron Abel, Brazos River Authority water services manager.
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New Year, New Weather?

The persistent above-normal temperatures in Texas remain in the forecast for the beginning of 2021 and may continue for the rest of the new year.

What does this mean for the Brazos River basin? Read more here.

Counting Water

Some areas of the Brazos River Authority’s water services department are, as you might think, busier when it rains. For Julie Andress, sometimes it’s the lack of rain that keeps her most on her toes.

After 17 years with the BRA, Andress continues to thrive, taking on more responsibility and ensuring dedicated water gets to those in need.
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January Board of Directors Quarterly Meeting

The Brazos River Authority Board of Directors quarterly meeting will be live-streamed at 9 a.m. Monday, Jan. 25. Read more here.


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