The Brazos River Authority water supply system includes 11 reservoirs scattered across the 42,000 square mile river basin. Three of the man-made lakes were built, and are owned and operated by the BRA while eight are owned and operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The BRA reservoir system includes Lakes Possum Kingdom, Granbury and Limestone. In addition, a fourth reservoir, Allens Creek, is in the planning stages. The BRA also stores water in lakes Proctor, Whitney, Aquilla, Belton, Stillhouse Hollow, Georgetown, Granger, and Somerville, which belong to the Corps.

The three BRA reservoirs were built for water supply, and as such when full the lake level is near the top of each dam. However, the Corps reservoirs were built primarily for flood control, though they are also used for water supply. When the water supply, or conservation pool, portion of the lake is full, there is additional room available to store water in the flood pool if needed.

The reservoirs also provide an opportunity for recreation with parks and boat ramp access. Each offers a range of amenities for visitors’ enjoyment, on the water or lakeside. BRA reservoirs include camping and picnic areas, boat ramps, restrooms and much more.

Recreation amenities at reservoirs run by the US Army Corps of Engineers are available at a nominal fee for park and lake access. Recreation information for the Corps reservoirs located in the Brazos basin may be found here.

Despite the common misconception, none of the 11 reservoirs in the BRA System are “constant level.” Since they are used as a water supply source, their levels will fluctuate based on water needs and climatic conditions, such as during drought or periods of heavy rain.