The Brazos River Authority provides numerous opportunities to learn about projects and services provided within the Brazos basin as well as about water in general. Educational resources available here include Water School, the BRA Speakers Bureau, Major Rivers and the Resource Library.

Water School is designed as an educational blog site within the BRA website. Each posting expands on a different water-related topic, subjects include everything from water conservation, environmental, water treatment, reservoirs and many others. There is also a series of questions about the BRA and services provided.

The BRA Speakers Bureau provides staff members for speaking engagements on subjects related to water in the Brazos basin as well as BRA operations and services. The Speakers Bureau is free to community organizations such as chambers of commerce and gardening clubs. Groups frequently request our speakers to cover topics such as water planning, water and wastewater treatment, flood management and planning.

Major Rivers is an educational curriculum designed to teach fourth and fifth grade students about the importance of Texas’ major water resources. Children learn about the water cycle, water supply and planning, watersheds and river basins, and many other topics on how water affects the state. The lessons incorporate science, math, language arts and social studies with plenty of fun puzzles, games and hands-on activities along the way to keep young learners interested.

The resource library is a compendium of articles the BRA has published on our website and e-newsletter, “The Brazos Basin.” Topics covered range from boating to drought to zebra mussels. This section also includes a glossary of water terms.

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