Safety at a reservoir

Brazos River Authority reservoirs offer numerous opportunities for different forms of recreation. Fishing, camping, canoeing and hunting are a few of the activities many enjoy.

Before heading out, be sure you are prepared with the necessary licenses and permits as well as the appropriate safety equipment and brush up on local and state laws and regulations for that activity

Safety must be your number one concern during any recreational activity. Being prepared and informing others of your plans are important precautions. The following tips and advice will help make your next trip safe and enjoyable.

Storm Clouds


Texas weather can change in an instant. Make sure you are aware of the area forecast and are prepared for weather changes.

Texas is located in the southern portion of an area known as “tornado alley.” Certain atmospheric conditions unique to the state’s geographic location spawn violent weather systems including high winds, sudden thunderstorms, lightning, hail and tornadoes. If severe weather is on the horizon, get off the water as soon as possible.

Life Jackets

Life Jackets or personal flotation floatation devices come in all different shapes and sizes. To ensure your family’s safety, be sure you and your family are familiar with which type is necessary for your next trip on the water. For more information on personal floatation devices, click here.


Leave No Trace

Leave No Trace is a nationally recognized outdoor principle that asks you to be responsible for the environment you enjoy by properly disposing of trash, cleaning up campsites and keeping on-water vessels free of leaks.

Remember that while on the river or reservoir, everything you do has an effect on the quality of your drinking water. The pollution you allow into the water today could be headed to your faucet tomorrow.

Take only pictures. Leave only footprints.


While it is not illegal to have an open container of alcohol in a boat, when it comes to boating, it is best to keep alcohol out of the picture. Seventy percent of boating fatalities are alcohol related. Most of these fatalities result from an accidental fall out of the boat.

Consuming one beer can impair a boater’s balance and coordination, as well as triple the possibility of a boating accident. Vision, mental process, reaction time and inhibition impairments result from alcohol consumption. Drinking while boating endangers you, your family and others enjoying the water. In addition, if you are arrested for boating while intoxicated, your regular auto driver’s license can be suspended.