Pre-Qualification for Professional Services

The Brazos River Authority (BRA) is developing a list of engineering and other professional service Firms/Persons for pre-qualification considerations. If you/your firm wishes to be considered for pre-qualification, please complete the form and requested information below and submit. Only pre-qualified Firms/Persons will be considered in the selection process for future projects.

  • There may be future projects that will require additional and/or alternate pre-qualifications of professional services. The BRA reserves the right to modify, revise, or alter this process as determined necessary by the BRA.
  • The BRA reserves the right to accept or reject any submitted information at the BRA's discretion.
  • The BRA will make periodic checks of the information submitted and may elect to request updates to the information as deemed necessary.

Evaluation Criteria

1. Name of Firm/Person:

2. Check which discipline you/your firm desires to be considered for pre-qualification (Select one discipline per submittal):

3. Provide a summary of technical capabilities that will be utilized by you/ your firm for completing studies, evaluations, inspections, surveying, and/or design of projects:

4. List a primary point of contact for you/your firm including name, address, phone, email, and fax number:

5. Provide information that demonstrates that you/your firm has the appropriate licenses, registrations, and certificates to provide professional services in the State of Texas, respectively, for the discipline checked above:

6. Provide an alternate contact name and email address:

7. Email:
7. Primary contact's email address: *Email Address is required and will receive confirmation email.