Utility Consumption Reporting

The Brazos River Authority is required by TEX. GOV’T CODE § 2265.001 to record, in an electronic repository, the metered amount of electricity, water, and natural gas consumed, for which it is responsible to pay, and the aggregate costs for those utility services. Below are the reports listed for the past five Fiscal Years.

Fiscal Year 2023  (File Size: 96KB)

Fiscal Year 2022  (File Size: 96KB)

Fiscal Year 2021  (File Size: 130KB)

Fiscal Year 2020  (File Size: 137KB)

Fiscal Year 2019  (File Size: 155KB)

Fiscal Year 2018  (File Size: 94KB)

Fiscal Year 2017  (File Size: 94KB)

Fiscal Year 2016  (File Size: 94KB)

Fiscal Year 2015  (File Size: 93KB)

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