Upcoming Projects

Upcoming Construction Projects

Copper Ion Generator

Pump Station - Stillhouse Hollow Lake

The Williamson County Regional Raw Water Line connects Stillhouse Hollow Lake and Lake Georgetown providing water supply to the Cities of Georgetown and Round Rock; and the Brushy Creek Municipal Utility District. The purpose of this project is to install a copper ion generator system at the Stillhouse Hollow Lake intake structure to control zebra mussels. A separate building will be constructed to house the copper ion generator.

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Spillway Pump and Piping

Morris Sheppard Dam - Possum Kingdom Lake

The Morris Sheppard Dam spillway section consists of nine bear-trap gates that pass floodwater downstream. To assist with gate maintenance activities during low reservoir conditions, a spillway pump and piping system is utilized to supply pressurized water into the underside of the gates. A condition assessment of the spillway pump and piping system is complete and a design for improvements is in progress. A request for bids for construction is estimated for FY23 Q2.

Estimated Request for Bids: FY23 Q2

Park 5 Access Pier and Loading Docks

Lake Limestone

Park 5 is owned and operated by the BRA at Lake Limestone. The BRA will construct a new boat loading pier and a separate access pier. Other park upgrades will consist of an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant pathway between the parking lot and the new access pier; and new dusk to dawn lighting for the ADA pathway and access pier.

Estimated Request for Bids: FY23 Q2

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Upcoming Professional Services Projects

Hearth Stability Analysis

De Cordova Bend Dam - Lake Granbury

This project consists of an engineering stability analysis to evaluate the stilling basin's hearth drains and the criticality of these drains to the stability of the dam.

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Electrical Vulnerability Assessment

De Cordova Bend Dam - Lake Granbury

The BRA will conduct a comprehensive assessment of the facilities electrical system, possible vulnerabilities and system redundancies to ensure continuous power is available for flood releases for all contingencies.

Estimated Request for Proposals: FY23 Q2

Low Flow Facilities Improvements

Sterling C. Robertson Dam - Lake Limestone

During inspections, corrosion defects and hydraulic design issues have been observed on various components of the low flow facilities. This project will evaluate low flow facilities components including but not limited to sluice gates, gate operators, ball valves, bulkheads, piping, etc.; as well as considering access improvements for maintenance personnel and dewatering.

Estimated Request for Proposals: FY23 Q2

Bay 9 Transition Beam Remediation

Morris Sheppard Dam - Possum Kingdom Lake

During inspections, a leak was discovered inside the dam. After investigation, it was theorized that the upstream transition beam was cracked, and possibly the primary source of the leak. This project is to perform a detailed evaluation of the leak and to develop and implement a repair method to correct the leak. This does not pose a dam safety issue.

Estimated Request for Proposals: FY23 Q3

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