The BRA accepts only online applications for employment through the Applicant Pro system. Click here to go to our Career Center.

Most public libraries have free internet access or you can call 254-761-3119 to schedule an appointment to complete an application at a Brazos River Authority facility.

The hiring process consists of an application, two assessments and one or more interviews. Applications and the first assessment are reviewed by the hiring manager, who will determine if the applicant meets the minimum qualifications and then decide whether to move the applicant along to the next assessment. If at any time during the process, the hiring manager decides not to consider your application, you will receive an email notification. Once an applicant is offered a position, a drug test, a short physical, and a records check will be conducted. (A more thorough background check is conducted on Lake Ranger applicants.)

Positions are open until filled; sometimes this can be a lengthy process for complex positions.

Click on the ‘Forgot Your Password’ request link on the login page. It will ask for your email and then send you instructions on how to change your password.

Contact the BRA Human Resources Department at 254-761-3119.

We want to ensure that the position you are applying for is a good fit for you and the organization. The BRA has each applicant provide information and take assessments in an effort to find the best match between available positions and prospective employees. This process provides additional information about your competencies and attributes, thus enabling the hiring manager to make a better informed decision.

Your information is not shared with anyone except the hiring manager and the Human Resources Department.

Simply login to the Employment Center website by clicking the ‘Employment Opportunities’ button and choosing ‘Log In.' Enter your username and password. If the status shows “complete,” it means your application is under consideration by the hiring manager. If it is “incomplete,” click on the ‘Continue’ link under ‘Take Action’ to finish the application. If you are not selected for the position, you will receive an email notification.

Once you've submitted your application, you will be asked to take the Step One Survey II assessment. After you have completed the Step One assessment, the hiring manager will review your application and the results of the assessment. The manager may then ask you to take an additional assessment, the PXT. The PXT measures your verbal and numeric skills along with several different personality traits to determine if you are a good fit for the available position. Even if math and communication skills are not your strong points, keep in mind the results are job specific and will not count against you if they are not requirements of the position. If at any point your application is no longer being considered, you will receive an email letting you know.

The hiring manager will review your application.

No. You must submit a separate application for each position; however, your information is stored and will automatically populate when you initiate a new application. You will have the opportunity to update your information on your application. You will only have to enter your information and take the assessments one time.

No. Simply login, click on ‘Jobs,’ and select the desired position. Then click on ‘Apply for this Position.’ The system will allow you to update your information and apply for another position. The information on your assessments will be transferred to your new application.

Every applicant is required to take the entire assessment. The results are job specific, so you are not penalized for a low score. In fact, depending on the position, you may be a better match if you do not score extremely high in this area.

The assessments are only a small portion of the criteria used to evaluate applicants.

Different positions have different licensing requirements. The requirements for each position are listed in the job posting. Training for additional licensure is encouraged and available as part of our Career Training and Development program.

The length of the hiring process varies. Typically it takes 6 weeks to fill a position; however, it can take longer due to a variety of factors.

After a conditional offer has been made, you will be required to take a drug test and physical at the BRA's expense. The BRA will also perform a background screening. Full-time employees will receive an offer letter, a summary of benefits and other paperwork to review before attending a new-hire orientation (usually on the first day of employment).

Our process is to have the Human Resources Department handle all position inquiries. The manager will contact you if you are selected for an interview.

Click on ‘Get Help Now’ at any time during the application process or contact the BRA Human Resources Department at 254-761-3119