Fisheries Habitat Improvement Program

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Fisheries Habitat Improvement Program

During the recent drought that ran from 2011 – 2015, lake levels in several BRA System reservoirs were impacted for an extended period of time, leaving prime fish spawning locations and nursery habitats dry. While a one to two years of less than optimal breeding conditions is not likely to impact a reservoir’s fishery, three or more years of interrupted breeding can have significant impacts on the health and diversity of a reservoir’s fishery.

Using observations made during this drought, the Brazos River Authority and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Inland Fisheries Division are collaborating on a long-term project to improve in-lake habitat in BRA system reservoirs. The project focuses on locating man-made habitat in deeper waters and in areas where fish habitat is lacking. The goal is to improve the resiliency of our reservoir fisheries and provide artificial fish habitat in deeper waters to protect the population and ensure their survival in the event of future prolonged drought.

To see areas where artificial habitat structures have been placed: