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The Texas Clean Rivers Program (CRP) is a state fee–funded program for water quality monitoring, assessment, and public outreach. The Brazos River Authority is a collaborative partner in administering CRP within the Brazos River Basin that provides the opportunity to approach water quality issues within a watershed or river basin locally and regionally through coordinated efforts among diverse organizations. The following documents and reports provide information on CRP activities and special studies.

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Current Program Documents

Coordinated Monitoring Schedule for the Brazos River and the State of Texas

Water Quality Monitoring Data

Surface water quality data is available from both the Brazos River Authority and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Brazos River Authority data can be searched and downloaded using the button labeled CRP Data on the right of the screen. Data collected by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality may be obtained on specific water bodies in report format by contacting the TCEQ's Data Clearinghouse at 512-239-DATA or at https://www80.tceq.texas.gov/SwqmisWeb/public/crpweb.faces or https://www80.tceq.texas.gov/SwqmisPublic/index.htm.

Special Studies

Comprehensive Study of Sulphur Creek
Final Report with Appendix A: Data Results

Stillhouse Hollow Reservoir Special Study
Final Report with Appendix A: Data Results

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