Lake Patrol

The Brazos River Authority employs lake rangers at each of the reservoirs owned and operated by the BRA. All lake rangers are Texas state-licensed peace officers with a vast range of experience in law enforcement.

Lake Ranger duties include a range of tasks from patrolling the lake area in vehicles as well as boats, responding to emergency calls and routine complaints and taking appropriate action. They assist the public in many areas, from towing a stranded boater to the investigation of any criminal activity on the lake or Brazos River Authority property. Some are specialized in environmental laws while others are certified divers who help in search and rescue operations.

The officer's conduct water safety inspections to ensure proper water safety equipment is on board the vessels and that vessels are registered with the state and compliant with state regulations. They work with local law enforcement agencies, are certified by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to teach water safety courses, and present public awareness programs on boater safety.