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Potential Suppliers Who Download Solicitations from this Site PLEASE READ!!

It is your responsibility to check this web site for updates and addenda until the time at which the submission is due. Failure to respond to all requirements, including those through addenda, is grounds for rejection of your bid and/or proposal.

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Conflict of Interest Disclosure Requirements

Pursuant to Chapter 176 of the Local Government Code, any person or agent of a person who contracts or seeks to contract for the sale or purchase of property, goods, or services with a local government entity (i.e., Brazos River Authority) must disclose in the Questionnaire Form CIQ ("Questionnaire") the person's affiliation or business relationship that might cause a conflict of interest with the local government entity. By law, the Questionnaire must be filed with the Brazos River Authority Records Management Officer no later than seven days after the date the person begins contract discussions or negotiations with the Brazos River Authority, or submits an application or response to a request for proposal or bids, correspondence, or another writing related to a potential agreement with the Brazos River Authority. Updated Questionnaires must be filed in conformance with Chapter 176.

A copy of the Questionnaire Form CIQ is enclosed with the bid submittal documents. The form is also available online. ( Click Here)

If you have any questions about compliance, please consult your own legal counsel. Compliance is the individual responsibility of each person or agent of a person who is subject to the filing requirement. An offense under Chapter 176 is a Class C misdemeanor.

Request for Bid (RFB) Process

The BRA is required to solicit competitive bids for goods and services exceeding $25,000 through a formal bidding process. A list of current Request for Bid is available online on the BRA website, www.brazos.org and clicking on the following tabs: Doing Business, Purchasing & Professional Services, Request for Bids, and View this RFB.

For items required to go through the formal bid process, specifications and evaluation criteria are developed, and a public notice is placed in the legal section of the local newspaper with broad circulation. A specific date and time is set forth for the public bid opening. Bids are publicly opened two (2) weeks from the date that the bid is advertised in a local newspaper. The bid results will be posted online under the Request for Bid, Tabulation of Bids.

Request for Qualifications

If you or your firm is interested in being considered for providing engineering and other professional services to the Brazos River Authority, please complete the pre-qualification form in the Request for Proposal section of the Professional and Purchasing Services website. Only pre-qualified Firms/Persons will be considered in the selection process of future projects.

Request for Proposals (RFP) Process

Firms that have been pre-qualified will receive notification of a Request for Proposal solicitation. The names of the firm(s) who submit proposals as of the due date and time are posted on the BRA website and the BRA staff begins the review and evaluation process. Based upon the results of the evaluation process, one or more firms may be invited to present their qualifications to the evaluation committee prior to recommending a selection. The name of the firm or firms selected for the interview are posted on the BRA website. BRA staff selects the top firm and will forward the recommendation to the CEO/GM for approval to begin negotiations of Scope of Work and Fee. Once the BRA General Manager has approved the recommendation, the BRA will post the name of the selected firm and the negotiations will begin. If the negotiations are unsuccessful with the top firm, the BRA will enter negotiations with the next firm, and so on, through the qualified firms.

This process occasionally opens the BRA up for questions from the vendors on, "why not me, or what could I have done better"? The BRA will not address the evaluation results. The BRA have taken a subjective process and made it as objective as possible. So, to maintain the integrity of the procedures the BRA has developed, the BRA will not discuss the outcomes.

The BRA RFP/RFQ process is constantly under review to improve it for BRA use, and for the vendors who provide a valuable service. This change was as a result from the feedback the BRA received, and the BRA's desire to have a fair and responsive selection process.

Standardization of Terms
"Open" - accepting proposals
"Closed" - not accepting proposals and evaluations underway
"Interviews in Progress" -interviewees listed in no specific order; evaluations underway
"Negotiations in Progress" - includes GM approved of top candidates
"Results" - lists results of negotiations at their conclusion; remains on web site for 2-weeks

The BRA will Notify the top candidate when the BRA is ready to schedule negotiations.

Available Requests

Requests for Bids (RFB)
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Requests for Proposals (RFP)
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