Spread holiday cheer with these water-conserving gifts

Spread holiday cheer with these water-conserving gifts

The holiday season is here, which means its time to start thinking about gifts for your family, friends and even yourself! It’s estimated that in 2018, over $730 billion was spent on gifts during the holiday season. This year, why not use some of that money to conserve Texas’ most precious resource?

Projections show that by 2060, the Brazos River basin won’t have enough water to meet the demand of a growing population unless we build additional supplies and heighten conservation efforts. Scary, right?

Water conservation is one way you can help ease the strain on our water supplies. What better way to do this than by gifting some helpful tools to the water conservationist in your life?

Waterless car wash
Did you know that there is a product that takes the water out of your car wash? The spray-on/wipe-off cleaner removes dirt and grime off of your car without the need for water. Sold by Eco Touch Premium Car Care, the spray-on method eliminates the untreated runoff created by washing your car the old-fashioned way and conserves approximately 20-100 gallons of water every time. You can purchase this in a spray bottle or in a gallon form.
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Water filters and bottles
It’s believed that in 2021, more than 500 billion plastic drinking bottles will be sold. The demand for bottled water, according to a study by the Guardian, is equivalent to 20,000 bottles being bought every second. While some plastic bottles are recyclable, most aren’t. To prevent sending even more to our landfills and into our waterways, consider buying someone a water filter or reusable water bottles. Various brands sell a variety of different types of filter or products that come with one built-in. Brita sells not only pitchers and reusable water bottles with built-in filters, but faucet mounts that also remove 60 contaminants. Learn more about water filters here.

Water-saving plumbing products

As the strain on our water supply continues, companies are introducing new versions of traditional products that save water. Texas-based Niagara Conservation Corporation sells plumbing products that not only cut costs for homeowners but save water at the same time. Besides selling individual products with water-saving capabilities such as toilets and showerheads, the company also sells Water-Saving Kits, which can cut a typical household’s annual water bill by 50%. To learn more about the kit, click here.


Rainwater harvesting materials

Rainwater harvesting is the capturing and storage of rainwater to be used for a later time and for different purposes. Often, rainwater captured through this process is used for landscape irrigation, indoor use and is useful if there is no other water supply available or if the supply present isn’t enough or of high quality. Rainwater is free of salts, harmful byproducts and other contaminants. With proper treatment, rainwater could even be made into safe drinking water. There are professionally manufactured harvesting storage containers, but a harvesting system could be as simple as a barrel underneath the downspout of your gutters. Learn more about rainwater harvesting from the Texas Water Development Board here.

Water conservation is essential in preserving our precious resource. To learn more about how to conserve water in your home, click here.