Website features the must-see fall foliage of Texas

Website features the must-see fall foliage of Texas

Fall is here and with that, cooler temperatures and a changing landscape. Changing leaves are always a sight to see in autumn, but where does one even begin when trying to find the perfect location to visit?

Well, there’s a website for that!


Texas A&M Forest Service launched a website to help nature lovers find the most scenic views. The Texas Scenic Views service shows seasonal views for both spring and fall and provides some of the state’s most beautiful sights. 

Users can also submit their photos of their journeys to the website, as well as read reviews and download directions to their cellphones. 

In the Brazos River basin, Dinosaur Valley State Park in Glen Rose is one of the parks listed as a must-see this fall. Texas A&M Forest Service said that the approximate peak time for fall foliage at Dinosaur Valley is November. Elms, hackberry, sumac sycamore and red oaks are what one should expect to see when visiting the park. 

“Texas has many extraordinary places to view scenic landscapes. This application helps connect users with those majestic hardwood forests, stunning bluebonnet fields, and inspiring wide-open spaces that define this great state,” said Hughes Simpson, Texas A&M Forest Service Forest Systems Department Head. 

If you’re looking for a fall foliage drive, Texas Scenic Views recommends a trip to East Texas, where you can see 161 miles of autumn colors through the Nacogdoches Fall Foliage Trail. The peak time for the trail is November. The route will take travelers through areas of East Texas such as the Sabine National Forest, Grapeland and Nacogdoches. Another driving tour includes the Angelina Fall Foliage Driving Tour, which takes travelers through other areas of East Texas, including the Angelina National Forest. 

The website can also be used in the springtime for wildflowers, which include a variety of sites in the Brazos River basin, including the Upper Coastal Plains Wildflower Drive, the Washington and Grimes Counties 80 Mile Loop and the Brazosport Area.


To visit the Texas Scenic Views website, click here.

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