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Visitors from across the state come to this picturesque burg about an hour north of Houston to taste its German heritage and enjoy a little antiquing and the bounty of fun and cultural activities it offers. But whether you live in Brenham or are just passing through, if you’ve had water from the tap you might be surprised to know it came from the Brazos River Authority.

The city of Brenham has contracted with the BRA for municipal water supply since 1972. Located in Washington County, the city is one of 62 customers that contracts with the BRA. Currently, Brenham is permitted 4,200 acre-feet each year to serve more than 6,800 customers, including local residents and businesses.

This water supply is taken from nearby Lake Somerville and pumped 14 miles to the city’s water treatment plant. According to the city, that plant is capable of treating nearly 7 million gallons of water each day so it meets Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and federal Environmental Protection Agency quality requirements. The water is then stored in three elevated tanks across the city until ready to use.

For more information about the city of Brenham and its water department, please click here.