Students ‘journey’ through Texas waterways

Finding innovative ways to help children learn is always a high priority for Texas’ teachers. With water supply in the state quickly becoming more precious than the oil that once made our population boom, teaching our young people about Texas’ water is more important than ever.

The Brazos River Authority is helping teachers provide a fun, insightful way for children to learn about Texas’ lakes, rivers and aquifers by seeing them through the eyes of Major Rivers, a down-home Texas soldier traveling through the state on his faithful steed, Aquifer.

The Major Rivers water education program is a curriculum designed to teach 4th and 5th grade students about the importance of Texas’ major water resources. The program, hosted by animated fictional characters, includes lessons and a review focusing on the water cycle, water supply and planning, watersheds and river basins, and many other topics on how water affects the state. Activities in the lessons incorporate subjects such as science, math, language arts and social studies through hands-on activities and fun, easy to understand projects.

For more than 10 years, the Brazos River Authority has provided the Major River program packages to schools within the Brazos River basin at no cost. The packages include a teaching guide with overhead transparencies, a video, student workbooks and home information leaflets. Major Rivers, created in 1989 by the Lower Colorado River Authority, correlates to the Texas Education Agency’s TEKS and TAKS objectives.

For more information about the Major Rivers program or how you can receive complimentary program kits, please contact the Brazos River Authority Public Information Office at 254-763-3111 or e-mail at Information@brazos.org.