DeCordova Pier

Pier fishing is said to be one of the most relaxing pastimes at the lake. Without the need of a boat and trailer, all you have to do is go by, drop a line and relax. If this blood-pressure lowering sport sounds enticing, it’s time to plan a trip to Lake Granbury. The BRA has completed construction on three new piers at the reservoir’s DeCordova Bend, Rough Creek and Hunter Parks; sporting state-of-the-art amenities that will make even the fussiest of anglers sigh.

Construction began on the first pier in late 2018 at the DeCordova Bend Park, just south of the reservoir Dam. The old “T” pier has been fully replaced with an aluminum-framed structure reaching about 40 feet further than the old pier into deeper water.

“Our old fishing piers were constructed in 1997,” said Connie Tucker, Lake Granbury project manager. “After 20 years of lake water, the metal framing was beginning to corrode. The aluminum framing and composite decking require much less maintenance,” she said.

Fishing Pier

The piers also sport a dropped horizontal railing system providing a safer environment for smaller children that is designed to ADA standards to accommodate those fishing from wheelchairs. Also new to the piers are directional LED lighting making access safer during dark hours and reducing light pollution to the surrounding area while eliminating older street lamps.

“Rough Creek Park, our most popular park with boaters due to its central location in Granbury, now has a new, slightly angled “T” pier that extends into 10 - 12 feet of water,” said Tucker. “The lake bed differs at this location so that depth will vary.” She noted that due to space limitations at Hunter Park, the new pier was built in the footprint of the original, in 8 - 10 feet of water.

The DeCordova Bend fishing pier was opened to the public at the end of November. The Rough Creek and Hunter Park piers were opened January 30.

“We’d like to invite everyone to come out and enjoy our new piers,” said Tucker. “The fishing is great!”