Property management committee hears proposals

Property management committee hears proposals

A virtual meeting of the Brazos River Authority Board of Director’s Property Management Committee was held August 25 to hear proposals for a comprehensive management plan for all BRA-owned properties. The requests for proposals were posted in February; however, presentations to the Board of Directors were delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Two organizations presented proposals to the committee, Halff and Associates, Inc. LLC of Richardson, TX and Siglo Group of Austin, TX.  

The goal of the request for proposals is for a comprehensive master plan and policies for land management.  

“What we want the public to understand is this is not a plan to auction off BRA property,” said David Collinsworth, BRA GM/CEO.  “It is a multi-year effort to assess development of practical, prudent and feasible strategies for both present and future use of these resources involving all BRA properties across the Brazos basin.”


 Some of the items for consideration will include a land management plan that will include consideration and protections of water quality and natural resources, development of environmental conservation strategies including evaluation of endangered species, and hydrology and flood planning.  The plan will also include evaluation and valuing of real property. The project is expected to take from 18 – 24 months.

After hearing proposals from the two groups, the Committee voted to delay making a recommendation to the full Board until a more thorough review of both presentations may be discussed with BRA staff.  A meeting is expected to be scheduled for a date in September. At that time, the Committee is expected to choose a group to recommend for a vote by the full Board of Directors at their January quarterly meeting.