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What is water conservation?

What is water conservation?

Conservation is the careful management and use of water to assure it provides the best long-term benefit to the public. Conservation is preservation of water from loss, damage or neglect.
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How can I conserve water?

There are many ways to conserve water, such as using high efficiency clothes and dish washers, fixing leaks and being careful about how and when we water outside, among other suggestions.These tips will not only help preserve water for future generations, but they can help ease the drain on our pocketbooks. For more information on water conservation, click here.
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Why should I conserve water?

Though water amounts are limited, demand is rising as the world’s population grows. Projections show that by 2060, the Brazos River basin will not have enough water to meet that growing demand. One way we can ease future strains on our water supply is learning to conserve now.
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Why is conservation important?

The multi-year drought that has wilted much of the state since October of 2010 has demonstrated to Texans the importance of conserving water. Water is a finite resource. There is only so much available on the Earth’s surface and beneath the ground, so ways must be found to save water and use it more efficiently.
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Is rainwater harvesting legal in Texas?

Yes, rainwater harvesting is legal in the State of Texas. According to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, most if not all domestic water needs can be met by collecting rainfall from the roofs of homes and outbuildings. A permit to collect rainwater is not needed.
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The information provided on this site is intended as background on water within the Brazos River basin. There should be no expectation that this information is all encompassing, complete or in any way examines every aspect of this very complex natural resource.

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